High Lane Medical Centre
The Village Green,
Buxton Rd, High Lane,
Stockport SK6 8DR

Please note, although we are located in the Health Centre we are not part of the NHS practice there so please do not contact them about our services.

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Fee Schedule

We are aware that a Functional Medicine treatment plan and functional testing is a significant investment in your health. In order to maximise the availability of Dr Sarah’s advice, we have devised packages which we feel will have most impact for your investment.

Having many years of experience in offering functional medicine tests, the packages offered include what we feel is the minimum required testing to make the most of your visit to Dr Sarah or our Health coaching team. By combining the consultation and testing fees, we feel it is easier for new patients to see and plan for the full cost of the initial consultation, essential initial testing and follow up appointments.

Following the first set of consultations, we find that many patients who are already learning to optimise their health or manage their conditions with minimal further input from the clinic. The most powerful tool we offer in the clinic is patient education and the empowerment of patients to self-manage their health.

After the first two appointments (or 3 months of health coaching), we offer an entirely flexible level of support from the occasional phone call through to regular check-ups with re-testing (depending on your need and preference).

When considering the total cost of a Functional Medicine treatment plan you should also consider the possible impact of the need to purchase supplements and perhaps a change in your food shopping bills (we advocate a wholefood diet, preferably organic and free from processed foods). Depending on individual circumstances, this could add an estimated cost of £50-£150 /month for 1st 2-3 months (guideline only).