Optimising your health through Functional Medicine

The Health Optimisation Programme allows new patients over 18 years of age the opportunity to work with Dr Sarah via a health coach for a three-month period using lifestyle and dietary interventions. This is often sufficient to allow the body to restore balance and optimise health and vitality. This Programme is designed to help patients with minor health conditions, or those who simply want to benefit from a bespoke Functional Medicine treatment plan and access to our in-depth health screening blood tests.

In her NHS work, Dr Sarah offers the choice of nutritional and lifestyle medicine interventions to patients who choose this approach. Seeing the benefits of these brief, yet simple interventions on her patient’s long-term health and wellbeing, has encouraged the Clinic to find ways to offer the same straight-forward yet powerful interventions to a wider audience.

In order to offer the best service, Dr Sarah has hand-picked a team of health coaches who are trained in Functional Medicine techniques and are also skilled in helping patients implement the necessary diet and lifestyle changes to enable them to reach their health goals.

The Health Optimisation intake process:

Step 1:

We offer a complete health screen blood test to all new patients via our partners PURA Diagnostics. We can arrange phlebotomy at a convenient place and time for you anywhere in the UK. See details on our New Patient Health optimisation screening.

Step 2:

We will send you a secure online health screening questionnaire asking you to identify your main health and wellness goals and health challenges. We also need past medical history and details about your general diet, lifestyle and other issues relevant to a Functional Medicine assessment.

Step 3:

Once all the information has been returned to the clinic, Dr Sarah will interpret the blood panel alongside the Health questionnaire and will work with one of our health coaches to create a 3-month Functional Medicine Health programme based on your needs. The programme will be communicated through our Health coaching team with a full written report and recommendations.

At the end of the three months, or if the health coach deems the patient to need further input from Dr Sarah, she will be on hand to help troubleshoot or manage any problems. There will also be an opportunity to purchase further testing (if relevant), to check that any blood-related health goals have been met – or to see if further work is needed.

After the initial 3 months you are welcome to continue to work with our health team as needed. You may choose to become a full Functional Medicine Clinic patient and consult with Dr Sarah in person, or wish to have access to Health coaching advice on a regular or ad-hoc basis. We aim to educate patients to take control of their own health and wellbeing so that often our further input should not be required.

On occasion, blood tests results may demonstrate problems which need to be addressed medically or require further investigation. If this occurs, we will firstly advise referral back to your GP with appropriate urgency. For non-urgent issues which Dr Sarah feels are outside the scope of the health optimisation programme, she will discuss options for these to either be managed within our Functional medicine clinic, or we can make appropriate recommendations for appropriate onward referral. Dealing with these issues will not usually prevent us from being able to offer you a full Functional medicine treatment package alongside other appropriate therapies.

Dr Sarah has hand-picked a team of health coaches who are trained in Functional Medicine techniques and are also skilled in helping patients with the often tricky, lifestyle and behavioural changes needed to allow our Functional Medicine treatment plans to work for them.

Health coaching sessions

Health coaching sessions will usually take place online (unless you are very local to our clinic) in the following format:

  • Session 1: 45 mins – Meet your health coach, confirm your health and wellness goals, review your Blood test report from Dr Sarah and work with your Health coach to agree on your initial Functional Medicine treatment protocol.
  • Session 2: 15 mins – Quick review and troubleshooting. This is for us to check we have communicated everything correctly and ensure you are happy with the plan.
  • Session 3: 30 mins Progress Review 1– celebrate your successes and get help with any challenges. Request input from Dr Sarah if any needed.
  • Session 4: 30 mins Progress review 2 – Chance to consolidate your gains and identify areas for more work. Time to consider whether to book further re-screening
  • Session 5: 30 mins. Review successes and planning for your healthier and happier future.

This just an introduction to health coaching. All of our coaches are available to offer long term treatment and support with backing from Dr Sarah. Patients who have been through the optimisation scheme will also have access to full Functional Medicine consultations with Dr Sarah in person.

Conditions particularly suited to our Health Optimisation Programme include:

  • Non-insulin-dependent Diabetes / pre-diabetes
  • Fatty Liver disease
  • Problems with weight gain
  • Ongoing fatigue / lack of energy / loss of motivation / low mood (we would advise patients with severe fatiguing illness to book a full Functional Medicine workup)
  • Skin problems: Dermatitis, eczema, acne and rosacea
  • Gut problems: IBS / chronic constipation / reflux
  • Respiratory issues: Hayfever / sinus problems / tonsillitis / Eustachian tube dysfunction/ Asthma
  • Mild Joint problems linked to osteoarthritis or weight problems
  • Painful periods

Other conditions will be considered by Dr Sarah.

However, due to issues identified on screening, some patients may be offered alternative appointments with the clinic or additional support to that detailed above if their cases are found to be unsuited to this format.

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